Requests on this Most Special Day

16 years ago today, Our Lord Blessed me with a handsome Prince, a little Angel…

May Our Lord continue to Bless and Protect him.

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide his every step.

May Our Blessed Mother always keep him close, comforted and under her loving gaze and wrapped in her loving mantle.


Isn’t if funny how God works?  For the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing and reading more and more about the state of our youth.
Each generation has its dangers and risks. But this generation, with so much information is being bombarded with conflicting and contradicting messages.

How do they discern? How do they know?

One can hope that their parents are good guides, but seeing the statistics of the number of Single Parent homes, that may be a challenge for the parent trying to raise kids all by themselves.

One can hope that their friends and social networks are a good influence…but how many of their friends are in the same boat?

I have been quite blessed. I have had the opportunity to work with youth throughout my life. It is only in the most recent years that I have not, not directly, and yes, I miss it.

I believe that last night I was granted an epiphany. A beacon, in the form of a film and books, is guiding me to speak to our kids.

I am gaining quite a few followers on IG and Twitter, young followers! I judge that I need to use that platform to remind them of their inherent dignity. Something of which they are being stripped.

I ask that you pray for me. That I use these platforms properly and that what I will write and share will be edifying for them, and yes, for us.

I ask that if you like what I will be sharing, that you too share it, and share it especially with them.

On this day, My Baby Boy’s 16th Birthday, I vow to begin.

Heck, I don’t sleep much anyway! Now my not sleeping much will have a positive impact…I pray it will.

Pray for our Youth! And I ask that today, you also pray especially for My Prince, My Angel.

Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux †


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