Happy New Year

Wow. It’s been a minute.

There have been New Year’s where not much changed. This New Year is definitely NOT like that. Much has changed.

Has it with you too?

I judge that it is changing for us all.

I believe that perhaps I am finally reaching that point where I am going to be comfortable with myself, but that can only happen when I am completely honest with myself.

I am starting. I have been in denial. Not about everything, some things are easier to own up to than others.

How is your journey? Are you getting to know You too?


“We human beings can only know ourselves truly in the light of God.  Everything we may learn about ourselves by human means (experience of life, psychology, human sciences) is not to be despised, obviously. But that provides only a limited and partial knowledge of our being.”

There are two parts to this knowing.  The first has to do with our sin. “Face to face with him, there is no longer any possible room for lies; no evasion, no excuse, no mask,” he writes.  But being laid bare, God shows us our sin while revealing his forgiveness and mercy at the same time, he explains.  And it is only through the recognition of our sin and God’s merciful forgiveness that we can be truly healed and become God’s children.

According to Fr. Philippe, God loves us as we are, with an absolutely unconditional love, and it is this love that gives us our deepest identity. From that position, we can accept God’s love and come to know our true identity.

From Integrated Catholic Life

While I have not read the book…

TIME!!! I NEED TIME! But not like in that Twilight Zone Episode with Burgess Meredith, “Time Enough At Last.”  I just want some time to read that’s all. Ok, yes, I need to prioritize, but I digress…

Cross of Mercy

I have not read the book, but that does not take away from the statement above.
I am being put face to face with my sins. I am funny enough shocked by much of what I see, for I did not know it was there. I was oblivious…
Others, I hid.
But to change and know me, I must know my sin and seek His Mercy, which is free and abounds, as does His endless Love…
But I must be able to accept it.

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