Daily Mass

A Great Line I Heard!


Creo…I Believe…

Creo en la misericordia divina, en el Dios que perdona y que rescata, que desciende a nuestro lado y nos purifica profundamente. Creo en el Dios que nos recuerda su amor: "Era yo, yo mismo el que tenía que limpiar tus rebeldías por amor de mí y no recordar tus pecados" (Is 43,25). Creo en... Continue Reading →

Preaching Parents

As Parents, we feel, we are made to feel, that we must ALWAYS be right. Right? Well, that is wrong. We, as Parents, have to strive for being Models of Persistance in our Pursuit of being Christ-like. Will we fail? Yup. Should we give up? Nope. There in lies the Best Example we can Model for our Kids.

I Forgive…or NOT?

"The only way to break through lifelong patterns of unforgiveness is to take time—daily for a while—and reflect on all God has forgiven you." "Minute Meditations" AmericanCatholic.org Forgiveness has got to be the MOST difficult thing to achieve! At least for me... I want God to forgive me...I hear over and over how his Mercy is Infinite...and... Continue Reading →

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