The 3 Distinct Marys

Visiting Dcn. Dodger's Blog, as I usually do.  I came across this Wonderful Post about St. Mary Magdalene.  And the Image he has for her is one of the better that I have seen.  She is sadly usually portrayed seductively or crying.   And this truly bothers me.  Allow me to explain why with TONS of... Continue Reading →

El Escapulario de La Virgen del Carmen

Being the Cradle Catholic that I am, many times I find myself judging, questioning, wondering, about things done in our Churches.  I know that each Archdiocese has their own little nuances.  Now, from country to country, even more so! There have been many occasions where I ask about the differences about Customs or Traditions between... Continue Reading →

Lambs to the Slaughter

    Humans are Sheep. It's what was going through my mind when Father Mario delivered his Homily this Sunday.  The Gospel reading was that of the "Good Samaritan" (Luke 10:25-37), the Classic parable which exemplified the Ethical teachings of Jesus Christ.  As Catholics we all know the story of the travelling Jew who is beaten, robbed and left for dead... Continue Reading →


Last night, the Topic was Balance. Ideally we are to achieve, and it is our Obligation, as parents, to help our Children achieve, Balance.  Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance. Father Mario spoke of how in our Society, our Subjective Society, there is plenty of focus on the Physical and Mental realms of our lives.  Looking good,... Continue Reading →

The Seventh

There is nothing worse than being totally, completely and utterly vulnerable.  And yet, that is what we are called to do. When your defenses aren't up.  When you let people "in."  You are at their mercy.  They can hurt you.  They can...hurt you. Last night, Fr. Mario's Homily had to do with various interrelated subjects, Forgiveness,... Continue Reading →

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