Falling into an Existential Vacuum

A Black Hole...A Vacuum

I, as many of us do, love to think that “this only happens to me.”  I feel alone in my pain.  I feel alone in my sadness.  I feel alone in my…I feel alone…

As much as reality around us proves otherwise, there are others that are going through much worse, much, much worse. 

And yet, we are caught up, in our heads and in our hearts, in this existential vacuum. 

Well, I visited Deacon Scott Dodge’s Blog and found these words that just shatter that Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Me, Me, Me, Solipsist Attitude that I, and others, can sometimes dwell in:

I just love how the eucharist anchors reality. Whether anybody pays attention or not the daily sacrifice goes on and on until, at last, Christ returns. I find this image comforting whether I think of a nearly empty gothic basilica in Europe or a missionary priest in Bangladesh offering mass in his hut all by himself. Of course we are welcome, we are expected and I love the liturgy, beyond all else it what gives my life meaning. Nonetheless we are never coerced, especially not by shame and guilt, to attend. Perhaps the most truthful statement I have ever read, apart from Jesus is Lord,” was this one, written by His Excellency, Archbishop Francisco Javier Martinez: “the Eucharist is the only place of resistance to annihilation of the human subject” (Surrendered to Self Preservation: Lord Save Me)

God goes on. 

Jesus’ sacrifice goes on, day after day. 

No matter how caught up in ourselves we are, Our Lord continues to Sacrifice Himself for our Sorry, Selfish, Sinful Asses Every Single Day! 

He gives us an opportunity at every moment, at every turn to return to Him, to His Love, to His Saving Grace…Even when all we want to do is annihilate our very existence.  To deny that which does not belong to us, to destroy that which is His…US.

God Loves Us Irrespective of Ourselves.

Why?  A Rational Human mind would ask, and does ask WHY?

Fortunately, God is the furthest that you can get from the Rational, Limited, Human Mind:

In the historical conditions in which he finds himself, however, man experiences many difficulties in coming to know God by the light of reason alone:

    Though human reason is, strictly speaking, truly capable by its own natural power and light of attaining to a true and certain knowledge of the one personal God, who watches over and controls the world by his providence, and of the natural law written in our hearts by the Creator; yet there are many obstacles which prevent reason from the effective and fruitful use of this inborn faculty. For the truths that concern the relations between God and man wholly transcend the visible order of things, and, if they are translated into human action and influence it, they call for self-surrender and abnegation. The human mind, in its turn, is hampered in the attaining of such truths, not only by the impact of the senses and the imagination, but also by disordered appetites which are the consequences of original sin. So it happens that men in such matters easily persuade themselves that what they would not like to be true is false or at least doubtful (CCC 37).

    Unless we are ready.  Unless we are willing.  Unless we Surrender.  We will not find God.  We will not find Happiness.  We will not find Forgiveness.  We will not find Truth. 

    We will be Alone, as we leave Him alone…

    What we Find at the End of the Black Hole...