Falling into an Existential Vacuum

I, as many of us do, love to think that "this only happens to me."¬† I feel alone in my pain.¬† I feel alone in my sadness.¬† I feel alone in my...I feel alone... As much as reality around us proves otherwise, there are others that are going through much worse, much, much worse.¬† And... Continue Reading →

Will I EVER Learn?

It's funny, you know how we all say that we learn from past mistakes?¬† How we won't trip over the same stone twice?¬† Wait, is that a common English Saying too?¬† In Spanish, we say "tropezar¬†siempre¬†con la misma¬†piedra." Literally meaning, we trip over the same stone always, figuratively, we make the same mistake over and... Continue Reading →

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