Will I EVER Learn?

It's funny, you know how we all say that we learn from past mistakes?  How we won't trip over the same stone twice?  Wait, is that a common English Saying too?  In Spanish, we say "tropezar siempre con la misma piedra." Literally meaning, we trip over the same stone always, figuratively, we make the same mistake over and... Continue Reading →

To Renounce Free Will?

To Do or Not To Do...This  Is OUR Choice!   Tonight I was Furious with God!  I was so Angry!  I kept asking, "How could you allow such atrocities to happen?"   "If You are so Powerful, so Omnipotent, how could you let Innocent Babies suffer as Brianna did, and so many others do?"   Even during the Sacrifice... Continue Reading →

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