Will I EVER Learn?

It’s funny, you know how we all say that we learn from past mistakes?  How we won’t trip over the same stone twice? 

Wait, is that a common English Saying too?  In Spanish, we say “tropezar siempre con la misma piedra.” Literally meaning, we trip over the same stone always, figuratively, we make the same mistake over and over again.

As I was saying, I keep tripping over many of the same stones, time and time and time again, and it seems I never learn!  After I “trip,” I tell myself, “I’ll never make that mistake again!”  Before I know it, OUCH! Same mistake. 

I don’t want to get too deep and reflective, not on this post anyway.  But I do want to say that I have not learned that it is not a good Idea to wear Flip-Flops and go down sand hills, you may break an ankle  AND that it is not a good idea to wear Flip-Flops and climb on rocks, you could fall and hurt yourself. 

Flip-Flops + (Climbing, Hiking, or most “adventurous” activities) = Injury!

So, have I learned this lesson…I’ll let you know after another Flip-Flop Mishap  😉

  From www.pocketchange.become.com