Uncomfortable? Not yet!

Never stop asking questions seems to be the theme. I suppose you can apply this statement not just to our Faith as Fr. Mario said, but to everything.  The moment we conform, the moment we become content and appeased, then we stop growing, learning and more important, we stop Challenging!   Whenever you find yourself on... Continue Reading →

Will I EVER Learn?

It's funny, you know how we all say that we learn from past mistakes?  How we won't trip over the same stone twice?  Wait, is that a common English Saying too?  In Spanish, we say "tropezar siempre con la misma piedra." Literally meaning, we trip over the same stone always, figuratively, we make the same mistake over and... Continue Reading →

Los Phoenix Suns

Isn't it Great when you are NOT alone? Isn't it Amazing when we all unite against Unfairness and Discrimination? Isn't it Inspiring when people, influential people, people with Followers, are not afraid to Denounce wrongdoing? Does it not give you hope?? For all you Sports Fans, Here you go: Suns to wear \'Los Suns\' uniforms to... Continue Reading →

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