To Renounce Free Will?

To Do or Not To Do…This  Is OUR Choice!  

Tonight I was Furious with God!  I was so Angry!  I kept asking, “How could you allow such atrocities to happen?”  

“If You are so Powerful, so Omnipotent, how could you let Innocent Babies suffer as Brianna did, and so many others do?”  

Even during the Sacrifice of the Mass, I still was filled with disgust…  

“All-Powerful, All-Mighty…then how, why do You allow this?”  

Then, it dawned on me.  It painfully, shamefully, dawned on me, that God Loves us So much, that we DO, without any doubt, have Free-Will.  

We choose to be one way or another.  We choose to do good or commit heinous acts.   

I am ashamed, nauseated by what we, “human beings” are capable of…I cannot say that acts such as this are animalistic, because even in the animal kingdom you see “humane” acts of kindness among the beasts.  What then, how then, do you describe this?  

Dear God, Forgive me for being angry with You…You let us decide and we, these THINGS, chose to do this…Save me from ever committing anything remotely close.  Forgive me for being filled with disgust towards others…but I cannot do otherwise, not when confronted with something such as this…  

Lord, perhaps we shouldn’t have Free-Will?  We know not what to do with it…we are Sinful, Fallen Creatures…Help Us, Guide Us, Forbid Us from committing Evil Acts…  

I understand that this is Impossible, you Love us too much.  If we come to You, if we Follow your Commandments, if we allow Your Will to be done, then it will be so ONLY because we Will it so…  

I Trust, I Hope and Pray that when all Innocent Angels’ bodies, such as Brianna’s, are suffering, enduring these types of vile and despicable acts, that an Angel, their Guardian Angel and perhaps more Angels from our Lord’s Legions, were holding their souls, comforting them and that they felt not a thing as they were comforted in the Angels’ arms and Delivered to Our Father in Heaven…or will be…   


Let us all Pray then, Let us Pray for the Conversion of Sinners, Let us Pray for Evil to Die, Let us Pray for the Strength to Follow God’s Path, Let us Pray for the Wisdom, the Grace to always do what is Right… 



This is the Link to the video of the Heinous, Revolting Act of which I am referring to…Please do not view it if you are faint of heart, impressionable, have nightmares, or are in any way sensitive…It is quite graphic and disturbing…  

Baby Brianna

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  1. I agree I can only HOPE & WISH the Angels were with her through this HORRIFIC life she had to lead…God is now nurturing her with the Angels, they are treating her like the Little Princess that SHE IS!!


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