A Ferrari

Wednesday night,  Marriage, the Sacrament of Marriage, was put into Perspective for me.

Marriage ONLY exists as a Covenant with our Lord, when it is the Sacrament of Marriage.  All else is a Union.  A Contractual binding. 

Harsh? Maybe.  But it gives such Amazing Value to the Covenant of Marriage!  Furthermore, it leaves no wiggle room for taking Marriage lightly.  It is not a contract from which one can enter into lightly and break so easily.

There was also Love, Joy, Forgiveness…all these things that we all take for granted. 

Lord, Help us, Help Me to be like you, at least to be the outline of the shadow through the screen from the reflection that bounces off the glass, well, you get the gist.  Allow me to be at least a little bit like you and to value this Amazing Gift which is my Faith.

As Fr. Mario says, we have to be confident that we have the Ferrari  of religions  🙂   Sadly, I think that what happens is that we are so worried about sounding elitist, about being politically incorrect, about not being humble, that we don’t mention or talk about our Ferrari’s. 

Being a Catholic Christian is difficult for many reasons. 

First of all, Catholicism itself is very demanding.  To be a true Catholic, one must follow, respect, and obey things that we don’t want to, things that are unpopular, things that are inconvenient. 

Then, we are to cry out against injustice, discrimination, find Christ in the poorest of our Brothers and Sisters.  Basically, we can’t ignore the homeless, pretend we don’t see when “bad” things are happening, gloss over sexist, racist comments, etc. 

And as if these two things weren’t difficult enough, we have to FORGIVE?!?!  We have to LOVE as Christ Loved?!?!  To be a true Disciple of Christ, we must look to Him, Imitate Him, in our everyday actions practically BE HIM so that others can see Christ in us! 

Are you kidding, in this selfish, materialistic, individualistic, consumer fetishism driven society?? 

No wonder we’re Weird!

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