Something to Share

I just HAD to share this BEAUTIFUL Piece that I found on Sons of Thunder Patron’s Page.

I hope it makes you think.  It did me.


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    On the Pacific side of the Andes Mountains
    Amid tropical trees pushing for light
    Beyond the end of civilized roads
    The warring savages lay out of sight

    Believing the gospel preached
    Five young men answer the call
    Their hearts equipped with flames of fire
    Hoping the tribe will welcome them all

    Months of caressing with giving of gifts
    There appears to be a welcome exchange
    Believing that this was the day
    They landed the piper on the sands of the bay

    The Huaorani people received a false message
    Delivered by evil alive in their midst
    Screamed out of the forest with nine foot spears
    The five do die; so young in their years

    Their footprints remain on that stretch of sand
    Forgiven tribesmen with new willing hearts
    Their voices reverberating throughout the years
    Now walk with God on a trail drenched with tears

    Joanne Kenzy
    October 2, 2016


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