Same-Sex “Marriage.”

Such a Controversial Topic. 

Bishop Soto really Hit the Proverbial Nail on the Head with his astute and quite frankly, right-on comment:

Many people are going to, how should I say, simply lie about what their true thinking is on [marriage] because they don’t want to be labeled as a bigot or intolerant.

This Article in Life Site News points out, along with Bishop Soto, not only that we Fear being labeled as Bigots, but that quite sadly, most of us, not just the Young Catholics, do “not understand marriage, and thus cannot grasp why the Church opposes homosexual ‘marriage’.”

If we truly knew and understood the Beauty of Marriage and the Good that comes out of it, then we would be able to express ourselves without any type of fear, be it from being Labeled or of going against the “Mainstream.”  We would have both the Knowledge and the Courage to, as Bishop Soto says, not say No, but to say Yes.

I’m supposed to be the ‘no’ church. But we’re the ‘yes’ church. We say yes to the culture of life, yes to human dignity, and that’s what we promote.

Catholics need to have a certain sense of confidence that their beliefs are not just religious preference, but that in fact serve the common good.

 And that’s an important disposition for Catholics to have: to realize that their faith is not an imposition either on themselves or on others, but that their faith is a gift, and that it makes common sense and serves the common good. So I think that’s a message that has to be repeated over and over again.

So repeat it, over and over again…

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