San Ramon Nonato.

San Ramon Nonato nourished by Angels

Today is the Feast Day of this Great Saint, San Ramon Nonato.  Patron Saint of Pregnant Women, Midwives, and the Unborn.  He is also asked to intercede for those who are wrongly accused.

No nato.  Not Born.  This man was removed from his Mother’s side hours after her death, hence, not born.  He suffered cruel tortures, among them having his lips pierced with red-hot irons and padlocked, to prevent his Evangelizing and Converting Muslims…

Here you will find his Fascinating Life.  If you have a minute, do read it. 

I am no stranger to his Novena.  My Mom gave it to me way back when  😉

How I owe this Saint.

Gracias, San Ramon Nonato, por tu Intercesion…Gracias por llevarme de la mano durante el parto.  Y gracias por cuidar y proteger a mis hijos cuando en mi vientre…


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  1. San Ramon por favor le pido que interceda ante Dios a callar la boca de mi jefa., ella levanta falsos, es fea, mala, no podemos trabajar en paz.. Necesito su ayuda San Ramon.


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