The Holy Spirit in Me

I cannot fully grasp the breathtaking work of the Holy Spirit—in Mary’s life or mine. But I know that he is real; he is at work in me. 

~From the Book, Through the Year with Mary

What does it feel like to have the Holy Spirit work within you? 

I have many small and Significant instances of feeling the Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Holy Trinity work through and in me.  Some of the most powerful are when I say just the right thing to answer questions or to counter verbal attacks on my person or on my Mother Church. 

I, myself am useless.  I, by myself, do not possess the knowledge or courage to respond to attacks.  It is God in me that does that.

When I am given the Opportunity of Lectoring before Parishioners, it is not I who is able to transmit the Word of God.  It is not My Skill, it is the Holy Spirit utilizing me as a Mouthpiece.  Especially in those instances where I have been volunteered and I just do a quick scan of the Reading and it is understood and appreciated.  That was not I, that IS the Holy Spirit.  The moment I forget that, Vanity will rear its ugly head and all is lost.  I will be lost.

Can I fully grasp the Power of God?  Not even close…

Especially when I am too busy wallowing or distracted by Worldly things. 

It is difficult, it is a Challenge to live a Christ-like Life.  It is an elusive virtue to grasp, to understand, to realize how Amazing God is!

The best I can do is try and remind myself Every Single Day that HE is at work in me.  That HE does Love me.  That HE is always Here, Ever-Present, Ever-Powerful, Ever-Loving, Ever-Lasting and Unchanging…

What Comfort…

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