You ‘Member? You Member!

I guess it was the Talking with my Baby Bro last night…or perhaps the Excitement of “going back to Cali” and seeing my Familia. Whatever you want to chalk it up to, I awoke this morning quite Nostalgic and wanting to reminisce. So I popped in a CD from back in the day, a Mixed CD – remember the mix tapes we used to make??? – and now I want to share some of these Old Skool Flashes with you…Maybe I’ll make it a Retro Week 😉

We actually had a Wide Selection of Tapes on which to make our Mixes, we were Like So Cool

This first one, Funny story! I remember hearing this song on the radio and it made me feel SOOOOOO validated.

I grew up the “Whitest” in my household. Both in skin color and in a lot of the trends that I followed. I was never a Cholita. I would wear some of their fashions, copy some of the make-up styles, but never got into that whole “they’re my Familia” type of thing. It just wasn’t for me. I was way too much of a Social Butterfly, you may even say I was Flighty when it came to Trends, Fashions, and even Friends. I switched Social Groups, Cliques, people I hung out with, like changing “Chones” 😛
For all those who grew up in the ’80s, ‘Member how many trends there were?? 🙄 And I tried them all, well almost all, my claim to fame is being a True, Hardcore Valley Girl, not a wannabe like many 😉
Puro SFV!!

So here I am driving along when I hear this song, and I KNOW my Sister, Mer-Berr Head will like it. Later on, it comes on again and I see that she does like it. Being the wonderful Sis that I am *ahem* I head over to The Warehouse (so not in business anymore) to get her the TAPE! 😆

I go up to the sales associate and ask for the song “Chillin’ on a Sunday Afternoon.”

He has a Blank look on his face.

You must understand here that in the Valley, Trends abounded by the Tons! What I was looking for was in no way Underground, but it was very Genre Specific and this guy was obviously into Metal.
He goes and asks someone else.

“Do you know the name of the group?”
“Uh…no. But there are a couple of guys and a girl singing,” I say.

She goes off to ask someone else. Oh, by the way, she was Mod.

“How does the song go,” asks the Surfer.
“Well, it says ‘Chillin in the park on a Sunday afternoon, me and the crew just jammin’ the oldies tunes’ something like that.” You see, I am the furthest thing from a singer, and here I was being asked to SING! Don’t think so.
“And you said there was a girl,” questioned the Mod.
“Yup.” At that point I was getting ready to leave. Here I had all 3 attendants in front of me looking at me like I’m on Crack or something.

They begin to talk among themselves when another guy walks in.
“Hey, So-n-So (sorry, can’t remember his name, he wasn’t in attire, so I can’t pinpoint what he was either), do you know some group with 2 guys and a girl that kinda rap about chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon?”

“It’s only 2 guys, there’s no girl. They’re Lighter Shade of Brown.” He walks over to one of the bins and voilà, there it was!

After finally returning to a normal skin hue and my facial temperature reduced, I was able to say, “Thanks,” pay for the cassette and walk out.
I really and truly was a Lighter Shade of Brown 😳

And without further ado…

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