Quintessence, Worm-Holes, String Theory…TIME IS SO GOING BY FASTER = ACCELERATION!!! HONEST!!!

Meet Scientist Bean. She has Confirmed and Validated all Theories and Views here Presented

Can YOU believe it’s been a YEAR?!?!?  It has been a Whole, Entire year since I first began to share my Rants and Raves with you all!!!

Happy Birthday! Okay, so TECHNICALLY this pic is over a Year old, but you can still appreciate what I'm doing here, right? Thank you Baby Mana and my Muñequita de Porcelana!

Dear Lord!  I remember people used to always say “Time Flies,” and I mean I guess I knew it did…but when you’re Young and Know it all and can’t wait to grow up, a lot of times it just does NOT go by Fast Enough…ya know…

Okay, so I am not THIS young...But look at how Little they ALL WERE!!

But now!  UGH!  I AM Getting Old!!!  😕

Time IS Flying by and going by Faster and Faster each year.

However, in my own “I am Not so Old” Defense…

I will share with you the Theory of Acceleration…at least the Layman’s, er, LAME-Man’s version of it.  Keep in mind that I am not a Cosmologist!

So in 1998 via a Supernovae some Cosmologists discovered that matter was travelling farther and faster away from us. 

See how QUICKLY they Grow?! And Go...

Lame-Man’s: Time is going by faster and faster…Not Hubble Constant…thus Bye-Bye Big Bang, Inflation failed…perhaps Big Bounce…but what about the previous De-celeration?

FOR NOW, it is Faster and Faster…and will be for I think it’s like a Trillion years or so…until we hit De-Celeration again, possibly…and maybe a Baby-Verse will rise…WHO KNOWS?!?!?

But what IS certain is that time IS going by Faster and Faster now! Thus, we are getting Older Faster = Time truly is going by Faster, it is not just a Perception that “Older” people have because they do not want to lose their youth, it is TRUE!  And now I am Justified!  HA!

Now where was I???  Not helping my “Not because I’m getting Older” Defense, is it??   😛

Estas son las Mañanitas...

Oh yeah, Can you believe it’s been a YEAR!!

Thank you ALL for taking your Precious, Slipping through your Hands, Too fast to catch, Time to stop by here every so often and read my Rants.

God Bless You All!

And Please do Continue to Pray for Us, especially for My Babies!

Mi Familia Hermosa, Preciosa que Tanto Adoro!!

Infinite Hugs and Kisses to you All!


Your Sister in Christ: From The Pews, ME!

3 thoughts on “Quintessence, Worm-Holes, String Theory…TIME IS SO GOING BY FASTER = ACCELERATION!!! HONEST!!!

Add yours

  1. Google “George Carlin’s Views on Aging”!

    Yes birthdays do tend to make us think about our age… but next time you start feeling its going to fast remember … at least you are younger than me!

    Enjoy each moment, I know I treasure touched by a little bit of you


    1. LMAO!!!!

      Geeze, you make it sound like I’m WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Younger!! I WISH! But what it’s like months, days?? 😛

      Awwww, Fanks! I do too! I am Blessed to have met and be able to call Wonderful, Amazing People like you Friend 😀


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