Por fin, they hit the Nail on the Head!!

 If anyone knows me…they know of my Pride, mi Orgullo de ser México-Americana.  A Mexican-American. 

I even won an award on a Paper and Presentation that I did regarding this Duality.  This Challengingly Rewarding Dilemma of being 2 and yet None. 

Perhaps I will share it with you one day.

For now, I have to share this video that I found on Laura’s Blog

Se me enchino la piel!  I was filled with Pride and yet at the same time I couldn’t help but think, HASTA QUE!!! 

Many of us Generation Ñ Individuals have struggled to find our place, our niche…We have had to fight to be seen as Spanglish, English, Spanish and Caló, all at the same time. 

We do not like being pigeon-holed. 

We hate being told we’re not Mexican enough or that we’re not White enough!

We are US!  Somos what we are and we need to take Pride in that!  It has been a challenge because all those around us don’t seem to understand us, or perhaps just don’t want to understand us…They want us to be what they want. 

Our Elders want us to be more Traditional. 

Our Acculturated or Assimilated Friends want us to be more like them.

Our Friends that fall under “Other,” meaning not Brown, not a Brown mix, not Part Brown, I mean anything But Brown…don’t understand what the Big Deal is or sometimes they even see us as a Fascinating Subject  😕  That’s always fun, “Ooo, you’re so Interesting. That is Interesting.  Just Fascinating.”

Point being, we don’t fit anywhere.  Thus, someone coined Generation Ñ.  And even trying to be a part of THAT is a Challenge.  Everyone seems to have their own definition/limitation. 

Oh, and for the record, not all of us Watch Novelas!  I don’t.  And many of us don’t.  Yet another Stereotype…*sigh*

But hey, at least it’s a beginning!

You know, after seeing this, I was almost motivated enough to start writing again! 

Quizas, Quizas, Quiiiizas….Can you guess???  😉

Enjoy the Vid.  I did.

Share your Pensamientos on this!  I’d really like to know!