Occam or Ockham’s Razor

I was introduced to this “Law of Succinctness” or plainly put, “the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one” by an Individual whom I am developing a great respect for.

While this sounds great.  And it can many times be applied, in the Area of Sciences, many Disciplines and Life in General…It’s not always precise.

Take us, Human Beings, as an example.  To narrow this Extensive Being, let’s focus on our Gamut of Emotions. 

Not only do we have an entire Spectrum of Feelings, but we are able to experience not just various Emotions but contradictory ones all at once!  Try shaving that down with Occam’s Razor…


I can testify to that ability we have of experiencing Contradictory and Many Feelings all at once.  Between you, me, and the Keyboard…sometimes I think I may have Issues  😉

These past couple of days I have been hesitant to share this with you, for very interesting reasons. 

If you look at my previous posts, you will see that on the same day I posted “Are You Smarter than this 11-Year Old” and “Por Fin! They hit the Nail on the Head.”  I have been wanting to write a couple of other things, but I stopped myself because I wanted you to read these two posts.  I really wanted you to read, think about, and possibly share this with others.  In fact, on “Por Fin! They hit the Nail on the Head” I blatantly asked that you comment on the video.  I felt, no, I feel quite strong about these two posts, and did not want to take away from them.

It has been a few days now, and I have been holding in these emotions, trying to bottle them up – though not doing a very good job of it, I must admit – and it’s time that I share them with you.

I am Angry.  I am Excited.  I am Hopeful.  I am Torn, Tormented, Tortured.  I am Resentful.  I am Nervous.  I am Anxious.  I am Proud.  I am Deeply Touched.  I am Flattered.  I feel Validated, Justified and Accomplished…and Oh So Much More…

Allow me to continue with my Hope of my Children coming to Live with Us.  My Youngest, Handsome Boy has been sharing with me that he is considering moving up here.  He tells me he’s 90% convinced and sure he will.  Then…on Monday night, he shares with me the most Dreaded, Nauseating, Angering, Frustrating, Painful news any Parent could hear…

“Mommy, if I move out there will it cause Problems?”

My heart wrenches.  It literally feels as if someone has grabbed it with both hands and is squeezing the life, the blood out of it as they twist it and dig their fingers into it…My stomach feels as if at the same time that these hands tore at my heart, a fist came right at it.  It forces me to double over and grab at my chest to ensure that there is no puncture or rupture through which my heart is being torn from me…

This is all I can bear at the moment…I’ll get back to you…

2 thoughts on “Occam or Ockham’s Razor

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  1. Paciencia, Prudencia y Amor. Se necesitan mucho, pide la interseción de Juan Pablo II, eran unas de las cualidades de El. No te preocupes, entiendo tu dolor pero quién puede más que Dios ?? No te desanimes, oremos, pide con fé, entregale tu corazón de madre que sufre, a Mamá Lupita, ella sufrió junto con su hijo, sabe de las amarguras de las madres, confíale, quién mejor que ella ?? Recuerda que NUNCA podrá el mal con el bién. Dios esté contigo y Nuestra Madre te acompañe siempre.
    !Oh ! Divina Madre ! ! Envía a los santos Angeles para defendernos y rechazar de nosotros al cruel enemigo !
    ! Santos Angeles y Arcangeles, defiéndanos y guárdenos !


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