Late Breaking News…

From The Pews WILL be attending the Vatican Bloggers Conference after all…

In a God-Sent and quite Timely twist, a very Generous, yet Anonymous, Donor via the Blog, “From The Pews” and with the help of PayPal has facilitated the funds required for this Humble Blog’s main author to attend the aforementioned Conference.

All that is known about this Kind, Caring, Generous, Individual is that she is a Polish Grandmother. 

According to her also Anonymous and Kind-Hearted, Unselfish Daughter, that facilitated the Technology required to send the necessary funds, this Wonderful Grandmother or Babcia, is very proud of her Countryman, Karol Wojtyla aka Pope John Paul II.  Babcia would have Loved to have attended his Beatification this May 1st, due to Health Concerns, however, she sadly, is unable to attend.  After reading From the Pews’ Blog and discovering that the Author had the Health but not the funds to attend, she decided that if she was unable to go, then the Author would. 

What a grand display of Generosity!  What a Wonderous display of Unselfishness!  What an Amazing Human Being!

Yours truly is dumbfounded and truly awestruck at this Human Display which is quite evidently God-Inspired.

More from the Author next…

2 thoughts on “Late Breaking News…

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  1. May God bless her and her family. Our beloved Pope ” Juan Pablo II, sure is very proud of her.
    Thank you very much, and I’m sure God will re pay you.
    I keep telling my children and my husband that still good people out there, and she is one of them.
    Please thank her for us.


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