I will not have the Privilege of attending the Conference in Rome…


I will always have the Pride, el Orgullo, that I was Selected!

That is something that can never and will never be taken away from me!

What this HAS done is validate what I do.  What I write.  My Thoughts, My Words…Who I AM…

I needed that.  We all do! 

Thank you, Lord for all you give Us…

Thank you, Lord for all you have given Us…

Thank You, Lord for your Sacrifice and for Bringing us To Eternal Life!

Happy Easter!

Feliz Pascua!

Feliz Domingo de la Resurreccion!

He IS Risen!

4 thoughts on “Validation

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  1. Congratulations! I am still excited for you. As I’ve always said, if blogging itself is not rewarding, or just a way to draw attention ourselves, then it isn’t worth it. I still appreciate what you write and share very much.

    Dcn Scott


    1. Thank You, Deacon Dodger!

      I am Thrilled that someone enjoys what I write. It is quite Validating.

      I do agree, that Writing in-and-of-itself is Worthwhile. I truly enjoy it. I Love reading even more. That’s how I found you 😉

      Sadly, we get so caught up in Life, that we let these things go. At least I have. I get distracted too easily. I get caught up in the Menial. The Routine. I even forget to Cherish the Little Things that I KNOW at the End will be what I will Miss the Most…
      Smiles, Laughter, Hugs, Kisses and even Tears both of Joy and of Pain…
      It is these things that give us Value and Strength to go on…
      I KNOW this and yet, I forget…

      Perhaps this will provide further insight and assistance into HOW to do what I WANT to do…

      Pray for Us, Deacon Dodger!!

      Much Love…Your Sister In Christ,



  2. Narda! How exciting! Congratulations on such a wonderful recognition. I’m a blogger myself and understand the intrinsic value of the process. CanKt wait to hear about your trip when you come back 🙂


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