My New Friend…

Where does one begin?

I guess it’s true, when it rains it truly pours…

Cuando uno pone, Dios dispone, viene el Diablo y Todo lo Descompone…this is a repeat from a previous post which just means that one may have everything worked out, how we want things to go, how we want our lives to be…BUT we are not in Control.

I was to go away on a Retreat this weekend.  Now, I am not.  I am not Angry about it.  I am a little sad, but not devastated.

What DOES have me devastated is not being able to be where I feel I should be right now.  Home is so far away.  My Home in So Cal…Thousands of miles away and thanks to that little thing called Money, I cannot be there.

I Love My Family.  I Love them So Much! I wish that I could fix everything at the wave of a wand…I can’t.

I wish that I could just make a phone call and that my reasoning would change things…they won’t.

Oh helplessness…you are my newfound friend….

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