From the Pulpit

So I go to check my Word of the Day and I just could not stop laughing!

It happens to be one of Father Mario’s favorite words.  Well, favorite in the sense that he is constantly reiterating it to our Beloved Youth.

Practice it!!

sublimate \SUB-luh-mayt\



1 :
to cause to pass directly from the solid to the vapor state
2 :
to direct the expression of (a desire or impulse) from a primitive to a more socially and culturally acceptable form


Jeb’s letter made Marcy want to scream and throw things, but instead she sublimated her anger by writing a tart reply.
“Watching both films, it was hard not to sense a certain hesitation on the part of the filmmakers, as if they’d sublimated their darkest artistic impulses to a reflexive posture of decency and restraint….” — From an article by Justin Chang in Variety, August 22, 2011


One of Father's recommendations


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