Help Me! I’m a Victim too!

I saw this on a Friend’s FB and I just had to steal borrow it!

As you know, I ummm, well, I sometimes…like when I have no choice…I mean there’s always a choice…

What I am trying to say as that I may have fallen victim to this.  On occasion. I’m talking every so often…like almost every day.

Okay, okay!!!  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

I admit it!  FB Harasses me every day!  <sniff, sniff>

It just won’t leave me be!  It’s always tempting me!  Twisting my arm!  Taunting! Provoking! FB goads me to Log On!

It’s not my fault!  I cannot help myself! I can’t!!!

I sit here at my desk – like right now – and it just beckons to me, urging me, pressuring me to find out what is going on in the world.  In the micro – though you could argue macro – cosm of FB.

I am just a Victim, honest!

Oh, and just like right at this moment.  This Blog commands, no, Demands my attention as well!  What is one to do? 

I am only human after all!

Do YOU Suffer from this malady as well??

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