God at every turn demonstrates His sense of humour.  I never cease to be amazed by it!

A friend sent me a link to an article by The National Catholic Register titled,The ACLU’S Siri-ous Abortion Problem.”

I must first comment on the title, So Witty and Clever! Loved IT!

Now the article itself.  It does NOT disappoint.

Tom McFeely did an amazing job with this article. 

He is very clear as to what the ACLU’s (American Civil Liberties Union) complaint is.  Siri could not locate abortion facilities. 

In fact, Siri not only could not locate abortion facilities, but the users were directed to pro-life pregnancy centers! 

Gosh-Darn You Siri!  Not only will you not Marry Jonathan Mann, which if I may add here, would Not be a Marriage for there would be no possible way To Validate the Marriage, so you see, Siri knows a thing or two 😉

This video is there to introduce you to Siri, in case you didn’t know who or what Siri was.

Back to Tom McFeely’s article.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am right in line behind Matthew Warner, CEO of flockNote, “the ACLU’s involvement in the Siri  controversy merely demonstrated its own pro-abortion biases.”

Warner is spot on when he states that the ACLU should be “defending the rights of a private company to not help women find abortions if it  didn’t want to.” 

ACLU = American Civil Liberties Union. 

American, in or from the US.  Apple is. 

Civil, “of, pertaining to, or consisting of citizens” (courtesy of Dictionary.com).  In America, by Americans, yes, I think citizens applies as well.

Liberties, “freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice” (again, courtesy of Dictionary.com)

Union, “a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose” (going for broke, Dictionary.com).

Now let us put it all together.  Based on the definition of the ACLU, they are a group of persons that are together for the purpose of ensuring that Americans are free to do, think, speak, according to choice. 

Please, if I am wrong, do correct me!!

But if I am right, and the above definition can be applied, then shouldn’t the ACLU be ensuring that if Apple WAS in fact Choosing to not provide abortion clinic information – Which it is NOT – should the ACLU not be voicing their outrage at those that would try and Control what Apple, a group of American Citizens, Choose to do??  Instead of outcrying against an American Group, a Private Corporation that is being attacked by others to do what THEY Want them to do? 

Once more, I must reiterate what Warner states, it simply shows, it clearly demonstrates the ACLU’s own Pro-Abortion Biases.  Besides as Warner suggests in McFeely’s article:

We should always advocate for a fair playing field. We  don’t need tricks because we have the truth. We should instead focus on other  efforts, whether it’s improved pro-life search rankings or more pro-life,  pro-woman pregnancy centers.

There is so much more in this article!

It is not a long-winded, as my posts tend to be…

McFeely’s article is compacted with information and many resources.

Please do take a minute and read it, click on the many links and please, please WHEN you do provide “more and better content online bearing witness to [our] faith[,…] do it with love and with joy.”  This way “we can easily outdo the negatives out there.” 

~ Quotes and References fromThe ACLU’S Siri-ous Abortion Problem

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