Church Scandals Increase Faith?!?

It’s amazing how much information..GOOD information one can find on the Web.

I came across this article on FB via a friend, Patrick.  Thank you, Patrick!

The article comes from a New Catholic.  2005 new.

Ms. Jennifer Fulwiler and her husband were confronted with searching and discovering the Mother Church amidst all the controversy, all the scandal, all the abuse…and though most would have given up or turned the other cheek…Ms. Fulwiler and her Husband did not.

She did the unimaginable…she turned her back on all the Negative Media and Biased – and yes, many times Ignorant – Information in the World.  Not only did she turn her back on it but she had the Audacity to do her own Research!

What Ms. Fulwiler found is that horrifyingly, human beings throughout all Institutions and Organizations that deal with Youth, with Children suffered from some kind of Deplorable Sexual Misconduct, including the Catholic Church.  However…and this is not meant to in any possible way MINIMIZE the disgust or vileness of these behaviour…the Catholic Church has a very low percentage of this Disease.

Again, the above is not meant to minimize the Depravity…

Far from it…

Click HERE to read more…


**This Article I started Months back, and instead of “finishing” it, I’d rather give you what I have.  You see, I am cleaning house and deleting Posts that I started and no longer feel inspired to finish.  And in the case of posts such as this one, I would rather give you what I have than nothing at all.

Prepping for the New Year, I am 😀


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