Failure and Anxiety

I pray. I pray because it changes me. I pray because without his love, my life wouldn’t make sense.

— from Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be

I just posted this quote on my FB Page.

And as I commented there, Our Lord never, ever disappoints.  Especially when it comes to giving me the gift to see His Sense of Humour!

Father Mario’s Homily on the Solemnity of Mary revolved around resolutions.  And as he said, while the common, Exercise More, Save More Money, Call Home More, and all the usual resolutions are great, he pointed out that we many times fail to make Spiritual Resolutions.

In 2011 I failed to keep up with my Ignatian  Exercises, among which, of course is The Examination of Conscience.

I failed to Pray the Rosary Daily.

I failed to attend Mass at least 2-3 times weekly.  Even if I was at Church close to 7 days a week, I did not stop my activities to attend Mass…

I failed to visit Him and stay with Him at Perpetual Adoration.

I failed to Live my life in a More Christian Way.

I failed to be a Bible to those who may never read it.

I failed!

And thus, yesterday, when speaking with My Handsome Middle Son, he asked me what my New Year’s Resolution was. Without skipping a beat, I answered, to have an Active Prayer Life.

Today, more than any other day, my mind is cloudy.  I am stressed beyond belief.  I am anxious.  I feel sick.

If you read my post on December 31st titled, “A Shameless Request“, then you know why I feel as I do.

I am going to wait a few more hours before I call…

During this time, I SHOULD Pray.  During this Time I WILL Pray!

And I implore you, please, please Pray that it is different today…

And if it is not to be, then may I be granted the Strength to accept things and may I be granted the Wisdom to know the path I am to follow…

And I know full well that in order to Hear the Voice of God, I need “Silence“.

I Pray.  I will Pray.

Please Pray for me too…


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