New Year’s Resolution Path

As I try and fulfill my New Year’s Resolution…a More Active Prayer Life…I wish to share with you things I come across.

They may have no introduction.  No Explanation.  They may just be…

I hope you will benefit from them as much as I Know I will…

Besides, this way, I am also holding myself accountable!

God Love You ♥ 

“God could give us no greater gift than to establish as our Head the Word through whom he created all things and to unite us to that Head as members. The results are many The Head is Son of God and Son of Man, one as God with the Father and one as man with us. When we speak in prayer to the Father, we do not separate the Son from him and when the Son’s Body prays it does not separate itself from its Head. It is the one Savior of his Body, the Lord Christ Jesus, who prays for us and in us and who is prayed to by us. He prays for us as our priest, in us as our Head; he is prayed to by us as our God. Recognize therefore our own voice in him and his voice in us.”

~Augustine, Enarrat. in Ps. 85, 1: CCL 39, 1176.


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