You Can’t Shake the Devil’s Hand

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

We have given in to the sins of sloth and selfishness and chosen the easy, self-serving path. And when we make that decision, we seal our contract with the Devil with a firm handshake.   Ladies of Our Lady has introduced me not just to a New Band, They Might Be Giants, but to a line in their song that really touched a nerve.   “You can’t shake the Devil’s hand then say you’re only kidding.”   Though simple on the surface, it is quite profound.  Ladies of Our Lady challenges one, thankfully so, to be aware, to think, to hold oneself accountable, to no longer use easy excuses…AND she ties it all back to Pinnochio!  BRILLIANT!

You see, I am nothing but a Kid at Heart who loves Animated Films, Pinnochio of course one of the Classics.  Although, Peter Pan will always be Unparalled, in my humble opinion, of course.   But I digress, what else is new?    Do enjoy this Wonderfully Insightful Post.   God Love You ♥

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