My Impish Em

We Need an Emmo!!

Three years ago my Baby Sis, Tollita and My Bro, Juice were blessed with Our Imp!

Mis Bellezas ♥

As you can see, she is as Beautiful as her Mum ♥

Her Dad’s not all that bad either 😉

Why is she an Imp you ask?

You have to see this child in action!

And don’t let those big beautiful brown eyes fool you 😉

One can almost hear those gears at work!

And as for energy?

Our Imp you’d think was Amp’d!

She is the Sweetest, Most Adorable, Loveable, Tender, Mischievous Little Imp ever!

♪ Twist and Shout ♫

I Pray that Our Lord Guide her Every Step.

Mi Imp Coqueta ♥

That the Holy Spirit always enlighten her and help her to make not just the Right, but the Best choices possible.

I Pray that Our Blessed Mother always fill her Heart with Love, Strength and Courage to endure everything that life throws her way.

Above all, I Pray that My Impy Em always knows that she is Never Alone.

That she has not just the Unconditional Love of her Family, but the Never-Ending, Merciful Love of Our Father ♥

May you always keep that Zest for Life.  That Strength you demonstrate, to take on any challenge.

We Love You Impy Em ♥

Dios te Cuide, Proteja, y Bendiga Siempre ♥


Amen ♥

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