i blog Jesus: do you need a Lifelong Confession?

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“Remember that you are unconditionally loved by God and sustained at every moment by His Grace.”   This Blogger is generous enough to share her experience, her unburdening via a LifeLong Confession.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not an easy one.  Especially when done face to face, my method of choice.   You see, when you look someone in the face as you re-tell what you have done, what you are ashamed of, what you are truly sorry for…well, for me, that helps me to do my Best to Never have to undergo this experience again!   It keeps me accountable.  Humble.  Grateful.   As Monica, I too have been burdened by the feeling of Not being Forgiven.  More accurately for me, however, it was a feeling of Undeserving of Forgiveness.   I have been reading on Scruples.  And am working on it. 
Though I also suffer from Procrastination, Digression, and Umm, what was I saying?    Do take the time to embark on this Journey as Monica did.  As I have…the Tears that pour down are not just cleansing, but quite refreshing 😉   Happy Mardi Gras!!!
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