I have a Confession…

So for the past few days I have been distracted obsessed with some Stupid FB Game!

NOT the FB Game!

I know it’s a Waste of Time!  I know it…

But hear me out…

If you have been following my rants at all, then you know that in 10, no 9 days, I will embark upon a Mission.

Bring My Babies Home.

I will be Lucky if I get ONE back.

And to be quite honest, from where I stand, I don’t think I’ll bring home any…thus…FAILURE!

I know that the worst thing I can do is to have a defeatist attitude from the get go…

But, if you had the conversations that I have, you would feel the same…

I KNOW that God can make ANYTHING happen.  I Know this.  I know this. I Hope this…

I grew up with an Abusive Alcoholic Father.

Alcohol has always been freely accessible and visible in my life.

I could have become an Alcoholic, but I Hate Hangovers! 😉

The point is, that when Depression or any type of Angst strikes, I look to drown myself.

And Cityville is way better than Tequila…

I read this book by Chantel Hobbs, Never Say Diet Again. She talks about addictive behaviour, well, touches upon it.  And she has this line in her book where she states she’s a Type A personality, and thus, that contributed to her success in not just losing weight, but her determination in maintaining her figure and her commitment.  She of course gives much credit to God, which was nice.  She acknowledges that we can never, NEVER go it alone, we need Him.

But again, I digress…

I can obsess about things.  I mean come on, I’ve been looking at Scruples for crying out loud!  😕

So, yes, I admit, I have a problem.

My Beloved Patootie feels that this is a test for Temperance.


1. moderation or self-restraint in action, statement, etc.; self-control.
2. habitual moderation in the indulgence of a natural appetite or passion, especially in the use of alcoholic liquors.
3. total abstinence from alcoholic liquors.


Check out the definition and you can right away see that I am in Trouble.

So for Lent I did actually promise to try and practice a form of Temperance.  It has been rather difficult.  I have failed on a couple of occasions already.  And let me tell you why…

I read a Post by a Priest right before Lent, I think it was…anyway, he goes on to say that if for example you gave up TV for Lent, but are with your Family and everyone goes to go and watch TV, that you should not feel guilty to go and watch TV with your Family, as the goal is of course Love and Unity to Our Father, and Family gives us that (for the most part ;))

Well, guess who went out on Date Night and forgot all about Temperance?

AND then if that wasn’t enough, since I had given a little there, I gave in a little in not doing this or that, putting off chores, sleeping in, you name it!  No Temperance!


So you see, I can’t give in, not even a LITTLE.  Otherwise, disaster.

Cityville is proof positive.

On a Good Note, the day after I started, I realized what I was doing, that I was “addicted” therefore I deleted it!

Well, Patootie, like I said suggested that it would test my Temperance.

It is a Test I am Failing.  And I am failing because I do NOT want to face what is coming…


I have confessed.  Will that fix my Temperance Problem?  No.

But now I can hold myself More Accountable 😉

AND Tomorrow at STJW, my Parish, we will be Blessed enough to have Many RELICS being brought by a Priest.

If that doesn’t help…

Well…let’s hope that God will grant me the Gift of Temperance.  Oh, and Patience, Understanding, Mercy and all that good stuff 😉

God Love You All ♥


2 thoughts on “I have a Confession…

Add yours

  1. Oh, I agree .. alcohol is not a problem solver. Ask me, my father and stepfather were both alcoholics. I also love games but the Facebook games test my patience and I can never get enough friends to go forward in the game, so I stick to my full games on my pc.. LOL! I believe you will get your babies back. Just be patient and yes, I know it’s difficult but I’ve learned that God and the Universe have their own time.
    Awesome post!
    Have a great weekend and hang in there. 🙂


    1. Friends, they just never stick to it, huh 😉

      I Pray I WILL get them back ♥

      I’ll find out soon enough…

      As for patience….Oh Boy…so not my Forte 😕

      But what choice do I have 😉

      Have A Very Blessed and Beautiful Weekend as well ♥


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