Pink Shirt Day!

Today we all wear Pink Shirts to represent how we are United against Bullying!

We do this in order to bring awareness to bullying issues and hopefully bring discussion as to what we can do to create a safe and respectful environment in all of our communities.

Why Pink you ask?

Well, Pink Shirt Day is not just an engaging way to get kids, especially students, though not limited to just them 😉  thinking about bullying and what they can do to create a safe and respectful environment in schools.

All of this started back in 2007 when 2 High School Students in the Province of Nova Scotia, Travis Price and David Shepherd, took a stand against bullying.


These two Brave Students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school in support of a male classmate who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt!

Little did they know that their actions would create a Grassroots Movement that would attract worldwide attention!

So…Make sure you wear Your Pink Shirt today and on March 31st, Stand Up to Bullying Day and April 11th International Pink Shirt Day!

9 thoughts on “Pink Shirt Day!

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  1. It’s so important to raise awareness of bullying. It is a terrible problem these days. When I hear of teenagers committing suicide as a result of bullying my heart just breaks. Thank you for this post. It is a very important issue!


    1. I couldn’t agree More!! I Love that it was KIDS who created/started this movement. I think if anything, it can’t help but fill you with Hope ♥

      And Thank YOU for stopping By!


  2. Awesome post! Things like this always makes me wonder if the bullies’ parents are bullies as well? What is so satisfying about hurting others and bringing them down? I could never get an answer to that and the worst of all is that you get adult bullies as well. My stepdad was like that. Verbal abuse was his middle name and one day I called him a “Bully” and told him he should grow up. He wasn’t impressed with me at all and I suffered indeed after that but it felt good standing up for myself and realising that he is the one with the problem, not me and then his words didn’t mean anything anymore. It went in the one ear and out the other. Bullies should be ashamed of themselves and seek professional help!


    1. Thank You 😀 But all I did was relay info 😉

      You know, I too have often wondered and have many times, embarassingly, assumed that either the parents are bullies or they just don’t care about the child and thus, the child seeks attention in a negative fashion.

      As for adult bullies, Oh Yeah! You get them at work, on the highway, at the Gym, Everywhere…I guess they never really outgrow it.
      Not ALL of them anyway. Everyone CAN Change, they just must choose to do so.

      I despise Bullying/Abuse especially Intimidation! Whether the abuse is verbal, emotional, psychological, financial or physical, it is Wrong!

      If more of us stood up to Bullies like you did, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many.
      I Pray that this Movement does in fact raise not just Awareness, but COURAGE in those that see it, so that they Will Say and/or Do something about it.

      There are more of us than there are of them 😉


      1. Oh, I despise bullying/abuse hon and raised my sons with those beliefs and of course, they take after their mother. LOL! But it’s like you say, there are more of us than there are of them and we will win. 🙂

        Have a great weekend!


      2. Good For You!!!

        I’m quite certain that your Boys make you Very, Very Proud ♥

        And with their help and Mums like you, we will DEFINITELY WIN!!!

        *hugs* 😀


  3. How do I get permission to use the Bullying Stops Here image? I want to print them as they are and post them around my school.




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