Do His Gifts Get Our Gratitude?

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

“Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘How shall we be clothed?’ …your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things.


A Wonderful Friend sent this article my way.  Thank You, Wonderful Friend!

I know that I never thank the Lord enough.

Sometimes, even as I say Grace, I feel quite “mechanical.”

Many times I repeat the Prayers or say them, knowing what I want to say and need to say, thus, I say it.  But there are times that I do not feel it.

And before you go off on a whole Feelings are Fleeting thing, I know this.  It is the Faith that matters.

And I also know about the Darkness, however, I am FAR from Meriting the Darkness of the Soul that St. John of the Cross or Mother Teresa – among many others – express.

I guess I’ll chalk it up to ungrateful, spoiled-bratness.

As I read the article “Do His Gifts Get Our Gratitude” from by Misty, I had a smile, a shameful smile, on my face.

I have many, many times…I am Blessed, So Very Blessed By Our Father Every Single Solitary Day!  I just don’t realize forget it!

It takes articles such as this one by Misty to remind me that I should take a moment and look at my life to see all those Big and Small things that Our Father has Blessed me with!

Like My Wonderful Friend that sent the article!  And yes, I believe I may know why she did…

My Prayers, Grace and every so often throughout the day, have all been focused around my Mission.

“Please let Your Will and not mine be done.”

“And Please, if I am not to bring My Babies Home, then give me the resignation to accept Your Will.”

“But, if I can, please do let me have at least My Little Angel.”

“Of course, only if it is what is best for him!”

If you are wondering why I split each “Prayer” up, it is because each sentence is an afterthought of the previous one.
Yes, I Pray a bit odd.  They are more like conversations with Chuyito.

I have to laugh at myself though.  Even my conversations are so…so…Cangrejo-like.  Yes, I know that they don’t walk forward and backwards but sideways, but the saying still applies.

I guess that when I Pray I know I am not to be selfish.  I was always told that the Best Prayers are those that you offer for others.  So when I find myself asking for me, I back pedal, quickly.

I guess I don’t want God to be disappointed in me.  More than He already is.

Stupid! I KNOW!  He already knows what is in my Heart.  So who am I fooling?  But I believe that this is the way that I try to be better. This is how I work on being the person I am supposed to be.

It’s like when you smile.  If at first you don’t feel like it, but force yourself, then it comes naturally.  Eventually.

Does not betterment work the same?

Gracias, Dios Mio.  Gracias. Aunque casi siempre se me olvide decirtelo.  Aunque la mayoria de las veces sea rutinario, te pido y me llenes de Sinceridad.

Thank You again, Mittermeier

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  1. I’ve received a few requests to open up “Pay It Forward” to posts from a bloggers own blog. I thought I’d give it a try. Although the original idea was to share what you’ve seen elsewhere on the internet, I recognize that each time we post something on our own blogs we are also sharing Good News, great tips, wonderful prayers, fabulous photos, scrumptious recipes, hilarious humor, unbelievable books, stories of goodwill, or good things that have knocked our socks off. I hope you’ll post something from your blog.

    I’ll leave the March linky open until March 14th. (Entered links will appear in two posts.) I can’t wait to see what gets posted!


  2. Beautiful post! I have a grateful list that I do when I feel down and it helps a lot. 🙂
    Have a great weekend hon. 🙂


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