One can ALWAYS count on jessseeker for a laugh AND Wisdom ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you Enjoy this as much as I DO!!!


1. Thou Shalt Not Document Thy Every Move.

โ€œJust got out of bed. Dreamt about being a pufferfishโ€. [0 Comments].

โ€œBreakfastโ€. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

โ€œOn busโ€. [0 Comments].

โ€œAt work. Photocopier brokenโ€. [0 Comments].

โ€œLunchโ€. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

โ€œWork update: Photocopier fixedโ€. [0 Comments].

โ€œOn bus again. Old man sitting next to me smells of socksโ€. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

โ€œWalking from bus to my houseโ€. [0 Comments].

โ€œI wonder what I should have for teaโ€. [1 Comment: โ€œCyanideโ€ (32 Likes)].

โ€œChicken nuggets, chips and peas. Yum yumโ€. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

โ€œJam roly-poly for dessertโ€. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

โ€œOff to bed. Night night homiesโ€. [0 Comments].

2. Thou Shalt Not Use Stupid Apps and then Invite Others to Use Said Apps.

I will throw an actual sheep at the next person whoโ€ฆ

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