Embracing Martha While Pining for Mary: Win-Win?

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The longer I am a father, the more I am convinced that prayer and parenting are one-and-the-same.


A Truly Touching Article. 


A MUST READ for Dads ♥  And Moms too! We, I rather, do not give him enough credit at times.


Forgive me, Patootie ♥


“Mary and Martha, so often relegated to opposite sides of the spiritual spectrum, would doubtless recognize that I am not focused on my kids instead of God; I’m focused on them because of Him. And that praying through the distractions of my family does not render my devotions powerless, but imbues them with more power than I could ever have achieved on my own. Was it not He Himself that commanded us to let these little distractions come to Him?


‘Win-Win’ speaks to all of that, reminding fathers like me that the struggles we undertake on behalf of our loved ones are the surest manifestation of our love for them. Paradoxically, it is our willing embrace of their terrifying entanglements that will finally bring us peace.”

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