The Effects Of Infidelity On A Relationship

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Before entering into an affair, remember that the effects of infidelity are sometimes temporary, but many times it can be permanent.

Here are some of the results of what Ashley Madison promotes.

And I must confess I literally just grabbed the first site that came up, but if you take the time to search, and the scary thing is that it won’t even take long, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of Ill Effects of Infidelity on a Relationship.

The harms  it causes.  The Permanent effects on individuals.

And yet, people obviously go to the above site, otherwise it would not exist.

Heaven Help Us!

What really gets me about this website is how they are seriously trying to destroy any good in the mainstream media…

For what purpose??

Wait, I know!

* Note, this is a continuum from the Tim Tebow Post.

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  1. Also something we see happening all over in the world. Why marry or go into a relationship if you want to see someone else? Well, I don’t understand most people so I won’t even try understanding this and I thought I was weird. Clearly I am from another planet. LOL!


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