The Tim Tebow Bounty

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The following rumour comes courtesy of CNBC’s Darren Rovell.


Well, it is no longer a rumour.  It has been confirmed. 


Ashley Madison IS Offering a $1 Million Dollar Bounty on Tim Tebow’s Virginity!


What kind of society have we become?!



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4 thoughts on “The Tim Tebow Bounty

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  1. That sounds serious! LOL! As we do not watch CNBC I have no clue who this man is and you don’t want my view on society either. 🙂


    1. I am a Football fan 😉

      Tebow is a Quarterback.

      He played for the Denver Broncos, now he is with the New York Jets.

      And he receives a lot, A LOT, of criticism for his Faith. He is a Christian and not afraid to “Tebow” which is getting down on one knee and saying a quick Prayer, before a game and after.

      For this they have bashed, mocked and ridiculed him. He also believes (YAY) in saving himself for Marriage, and this is why that Horrid, Wretched site is Offering a Bounty on his Virginity.

      Oh, The Horror!!


      1. LOL! Okay, good for him then. I don’t watch sport at all. Sometimes cricket but it gets boring. Talking of myself, I always say I have better things to do. heheheh.

        Anyways, good for him then. That is his beliefs and I feel people should respect that. Yes, you will get the ones that will ridicule him and unfortunately we live in a world where most adults behave like children. What that site is doing, is going for publicity. That’s all and they’re using his name to do it. If I was him I would sue them. But I guess being a christian he feels he can’t do that either. On the other hand, it’s good publicity for him as well. That’s the media and internet for you. I think life is teaching us all a lesson and that is that we should laugh more, take things less seriously and judge less. 🙂
        Have a great weekend hon. 🙂


      2. You are absolutely right about the lesson! That is precisely what he did too 🙂

        Cricket! I tried watching it once and just gave up! LOL 😉

        I hope you had a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!


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