Love My Spouse Even When They…

Love as God Does

The marriage-affirming mind-set is about completely loving the personhood of your spouse for the simple reason that that’s how God loves that person. It’s a decision on your part to love your spouse no matter what and to love in an active way.

— from The Catholics Next Door

To Love as God Loves.

Talk about tall order!

Through the thick and the thin.

Through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

And let me tell You…it can get very Ugly at times.  This is when it is hardest to Love, at all! Much less as God Loves.

But I also know from experience that this is PRECISELY when we have to Love the Most!

When our Spouse is at their worst, when they are hurting us the most, when they are, what we believe, purposefully, vindictively and mercilessly hurting us…This is when we should TRY our best to take a step back and hear what they are NOT saying.

Are they scared, insecure, hurting, feeling like they are failing you, lost and know not how to help you…so many emotions could be running through their heads, and while we think it is all about us, how they are hurting US…Maybe, just maybe, it is not about us at all…

God Love You ♥

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