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I came across this very powerful article.

Susan Michelle Tyrrell makes some very powerful and poignant points (I have not lost my love of alliteration) in her article titled, “Media: It’s Only Murder if She Wanted the Baby

I will not give you the entire article, but it is a story that was covered by MSNBC from Brooklyn, NY.

38 year old, Mom-to-be, also next day Bride-to-be, Vindalee Smith, was 8 months pregnant, when she was found dead.

The article goes on to say that:

Her baby boy did not survive.”

Ms. Tyrrell goes on to say:

Her baby boy. Not her fetus. Why? Because she was 8 months along? Of course not. It’s legal to abort at 8 months in most states. It takes certain criteria, but it can be done easier than most people think. So if the story was reporting on abortion, it’s pretty likely the report would be on the fetus. But it’s a baby because we have made killing a choice. When a woman decides she wants it, it is no longer a fetus but a baby. It’s the most obvious and blatant double-mindedness that exists in our society.

Ms. Tyrrell makes many good observations in this article.  She points out our double-standards.

A friend to the victim, Vindalee Smith says to the media:

“I can’t even begin to imagine who would want to do that. It would be the devil, to kill a woman with a child in her stomach. They killed two people.”

Ms. Tyrrell follows with some powerful, frightening, but TRUE words:

And that, my friends, is the bottom line right there. Killing a woman with a child in her stomach is the devil—and killing an innocent child in anyone’s stomach is the devil. That very act is one devised by the devil himself, which has been twisted into deceit of people who would never think they were serving the god of darkness and death, but every abortion is a praise to the devil, usually unbeknownst to the woman who has believed the lie of the culture. It’s a cause for rejoicing in hell because one more life has been taken, more innocent blood has been shed, and the desire of God has been thwarted for the life taken, and the ones who sadly believed it was okay to take it.

We call one murder and the other choice. What we really mean is “it’s only a baby when I want it to be.” The “right to choose” is moral relativism at its worst.

The tragedy people feel over the brutal murder of this precious woman and her unborn child is the tragedy we ought to feel over every unborn child sacrificed to murder each day in our nation.

In reality, it’s no different. In both, a baby brutally dies. It’s just that sometimes we arrest a person for the murder and other times we call it “women’s health.”

Is it not time we take a minute to ponder upon what Abortion Truly is?? Then, take action??

How many more must die??

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