“Garbage Day”

Word for word, from Ellie Saul. Bound4Life.com

I had to share it with you and I was not going to change a thing…Please read and share… ♥


Imagine a dark cold night on the streets in an eerie alley. Mothers are lined up holding their babies warming themselves and their young by fires in large rusty tin cans. Suddenly a massive wind rips the babies from their mothers arms and throws them violently into the burning garbage cans. Helpless mothers try to cling to the life in their arms unsuccessfully and wail longing for the babies burning in the fire. The mothers are unable to save the children from the fire. It is so bitter cold outside that they remain. They warm themselves by the fire fueled by their children’s blood.

I was not asking for a vision. I really did not ask for anything. I felt compelled to kneel and wait on the Lord. The instant my knees hit the ground the vision I described above began. I could not even gasp in shock because I was weeping so hard.

The following week I saw a picture of discarded babies in a box being taken out of an abortion center as easily and seamlessly as one would take out the trash.

We live in a time where babies are trashed, literally. Even if we do not directly participate in shedding innocent blood and throwing children in the garbage, we condone it when we do nothing to stop this barbaric, evil practice of nonchalant murder called “choice.”

We warm ourselves by the fire fueled by the blood of innocent babies when we look the other way with cold, selfish hearts. There is an attitude adopted by too many in the church and way too many in the world. An attitude of “I would never have one, but what other people do has nothing to do with me as long as I choose not to have one.” What if we had to be in the room for just one procedure? What if we could see the babies in severed parts, packaged and labeled to sell?

We have access to video and photos of the procedure and the babies. We have no excuses. Are our hearts so cold that the pictures do not move us anymore? Are we so cold that we warm our hands by the fire fueled by a culture of death, enjoying the benefits of choice?

We need to wake up to the reality that over 3000 babies are ripped apart at the limb and sucked through death tubes in the name of choice. We need to awaken others to the reality that once life is removed from the womb, it is reassembled and viable parts are sold for profit to make and improveproducts that we use, even eat. We need to awaken a nation to the reality that babies are thrown away like garbage by the thousands.

Please be moved with me by the tragic loss of lives today and every day until we end abortion. Please love life more than garbage. Please pray for God to end abortion completely. Please tell everyone you know that life is valuable.


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  1. I am profoundly touched by this beautiful blog. This post especially speaks of heart, character and love, as well as the lack of such. What is happening to our children is a shameful holocaust. God bless you in your mission.


  2. What a classic description of the horrors of abortion. I was hoping we would be released from legalized abortion if Romney was elected, but sadly that did not happen. I don’t know what else we can do but pray.


    1. Pray and Pray and NEVER Lose Hope and Pray that all those that say, “I would never…but will not impose my morals” will one day realize that by doing Nothing, we are Accomplices in this heinous act!


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