I’m glad they DON’T Let up on Tebow!

From JetsGab.comTruth is, when it comes to hating Tebow, it’s never about hating him, because really what is there to hate? He’s a nice guy who gives of himself and doesn’t have anything bad to say about anybody. Seriously, he’s been criticized more than LeBron James’ “Decision.”

The vultures either can’t or don’t want to believe that Tim Tebow is real. That’s why they’ve been circling for years, convinced he would eventually provide them something juicy to sink their teeth into. So when the report came out that he refused to play, it didn’t matter if they heard from him first. It was all they needed to confirm to themselves he is the fraud they’ve wanted him to be all along.

~ Jay Hart, Yahoo! Sports “No let up in senseless attacks of Tim Tebow

Yes, I am a Tim Tebow fan.  Not my favourite QB, that would be Eli Manning, but I have Mad Respect for Tim Tebow.

I have admired how he stands his ground on his Faith.  How he’s not afraid to live it, show it, and share it.

I see him as a Role Model, not just for kids but for all of us in general.

You see, as a teen, I remember being on the bus on the way to school, obviously surrounded by many others, peers, adults, others…and when we would pass in front of a Catholic Church, I would not acknowledge His Presence out of fear of being mocked at, laughed at, ridiculed!

I was always taught that when passing in front of His Presence you are to make the Sign of the Cross.  A very simple act, but a very telling one.  No one else on that bus did it, I did not want to be singled out.

I have regretted this inaction on my part many, many a time in my adult life.

I am quite ashamed to admit that having aged – not grown-up, for I lack MUCH Maturity –  has not improved my persona in every situation.

I do make the Sign of the Cross now, but I still find myself censoring myself in many circumstances, simply to “Keep the Peace.”

Yes, simply put, I am a coward.  And I have many, many examples of this.

It is precisely my cowardice that brings me to admire Tebow!

I have made a post or two about him, here, here, here, and here.  Okay so there are a few others, but you get the gist.  I like Tebow.

From HuffingtonPost.comMy admiration began when NFL Players, the Media and Society itself began mocking his “Tebowing.

And it continued when he came out Pro-Life unashamed.

It grew more when he stated with much Pride that he was a Virgin and was waiting for Marriage!

THIS is what our Society needs! What our Youth Need! Someone that demonstrates that it is OKAY to go against the Moral Relativism and Political Correctness that suffocates our Societies.

He’s a Christian and Proud to Shout it to the winds!

But oh how he – the other guy – hates that anyone or anything that Praises or gives Glory to our Lord be acknowledged or credited in any way!

How do I know for Certain that Tim Tebow is Good, because all these attacks on him simply confirm The Beatitudes in Matthew Chapter 5.  Specifically, 5:11

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

From BleacherReport.comSo I guess it’s a good thing that they don’t just leave Tebow be…the more they attack, the Greater the Glory to Our Lord.

AND, the more he PROVES that we can ALL live our Faith!!  We just have to CHOOSE to do so…

I guess it’s a good thing that they do NOT “let up in the senseless attacks of Tim Tebow” as Jay Hart’s article is titled.  It just allows us to see how great our Faith CAN be!!

4 thoughts on “I’m glad they DON’T Let up on Tebow!

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  1. Sad as it is that one of my favorite teams, “The Jets” have never figured out what was good for them. ( since Joe Namath ) Once again they’ll probably get what’s coming to them…Who can blame Tebow for asking to not play in the game against the Chargers? He felt abandoned, and with good reason…If the Jets never intended utilizing the “Gator’s” Heisman Trophy Winning SuperStar…they should never have picked him as a trade…But, just as you’ve said…God’s not through with him yet…I only pray someone sees the true potential here in the NFL, and he doesn’t fly to the great white north as he’s been talking about…what a waste that would be…

    Although, I’m gaining a little more respect for our team’s self proclaimed “Super-Man” quarterback, “Cam Newton” here in Carolina, If he hadn’t slowed his role at least a little on the whole SuperMan pose after each one of his yard gains, or scores, I would have to of watched him crumble like any other “Fig Newton”…

    Funny how the world loves the self-flaunting antics of an up and coming potential play maker, ( even if he’s not showing leadership for his team, or winning) and yet, someone who just a year before led the Denver Broncos to their first division title, and playoff berth since 2005… “AND GIVES ALL THE GLORY TO GOD” they dub a loser….Go Figure…
    Oh well, guess that’s what God means when He says Up is Down, and Down is Up…the first will be last…BUT!!! The Last Shall Be First!!!
    ~Happy New Year~


    1. HEY!!!!!!!!

      Happy New Year!!

      I sincerely hope all is well in your neck of the woods ♥

      Tebow would definitely get more media coverage in the US if he stays in the NFL, but to say it would be a Waste to be sent to the Great White North?!?! Hey, them are fighting words 😉

      The CFL has Amazing Players! My favourite?? ANTONIO CALVILLO!!!


      Some stats 😉

      One has to admire the Passion of the game in the CFL, whereas in the NFL we have gotten so caught up in “the show” it seems that great players are being shunned and lost in the background 😦

      Anyway, glad to read from you!
      Do take care and God Love You ♥


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