Someone to Watch Over Me

Believe it or not I have been afraid to come back…

I have felt unworthy, distracted, fallen…too fallen to return and “speak” with you.

Nothing like exposing yourself to try and keep you accountable 😉

For weeks now I have had so much to share, but didn’t know how to approach you…

Today, I have the perfect excuse reason to return!

Today the Partner that God allowed me to have in my life and share my life with celebrates his Big 4-0!

We have had more than our Fair Share of difficulties, challenges and of course those beloved ups and downs…but through it all my Love for him has never dwindled, decreased, much less died.

The beginning of our Marriage we far less than ideal…but at least we will have stories in our oldER age 😉

According to my twisted logic, in another 20 years or so, hopefully less, things will no longer sting and we will be able to laugh about it…I hope!

Sadly Pathetically, I have done more than my fair share to ruin our relationship as well.

Again, not due to a Lack of Love! Far from it!

Selfishness.  Self-centeredness.  Cowardice.  Martyr Syndrome.
I can name a whole slew of sorry excuses, but none justify my stupidity.

I Love my Husband with all I have, with all I am! I do!

I don’t want to imagine my life without him!

All I can do is Pray that Our Loving and Forgiving God will allow me to share the rest of my life with him.

That He will give me, yet again, another chance to try and be the Wife, Partner, and Friend he deserves.

Thank You, Lord for the gift of my Husband.

Forgive me for not valuing it at all times.

Please, please give me “one more chance” at trying to be better!

Even more, Please, God, Bless him, Guide him, never release him from your Loving Embrace ♥

May he always hear Your Voice, discern the path that will lead him to You.

Cuidalo, Dios Mio.

Y que NUNCA se le olvide cuanto lo Amo!

Open his heart and fill it with You, Your Love for us all.

All this I ask, I plead for, in Jesus’ name…

Amen ♥


Happy Birthday, Patootie ♥

Regardless of Time and Distance…

Always and All Ways…

2 thoughts on “Someone to Watch Over Me

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  1. This made me stop and think.Marriage is an adventure that is for sure and each one has it’s ups and downs.My guy and I just had our 40th wedding anniversary on the 13th of this month.We have had our fights too but my heart still starts pounding when I hear his voice and I still love it when he calls me sweetheart.Happy Birthday to your guy!Blessings



      I wish you many, Many more anniversaries!! ♥

      Marriage is definitely an adventure 😉 One that one must not take on too lightly…though it seems that our society sees it as something that is no longer Lasting, if we’re not happy, we just get a divorce and find another partner… *sigh*

      It is reading about Marriages such as yours that Inspires and gives Hope!

      Congratulations once again and may your heart continue to pound at the sound of his voice 😉


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