To Reminisce on a Daily Basis

This morning on my drive to work I was listening to a couple of DJs.  One, female, is single, the other, male, is married.

Now, I find it important to clarify the genders in order for you to share the experience with me…okay, and to demonstrate and also ask if it is a gender thing.


Again, I was listening to them and the topic of the day was, “Do you think about your ex(es) daily?”

The guy quickly chimes in with an “Yup, all the time.”  He said that a movie, a song, things of this nature remind him of his ex-girlfriends.  He further added that he was still in fact friends with many of them on FB.

My knee-jerk reaction was that of the girls, “Creep.”

She said it laughing, of course, but as the saying goes, “Si el rio se oye es porque agua lleva.”  If you hear the river it is because it is carrying water…basically that there is something to it.
Or you could also say, one of my faves, “Entre broma y broma cae la pedrada.”  Between one joke and another, the stone is thrown.  Again, you use humour to soften the blow of truth.
Either way, I see it as she and I shared the same reaction.  That’s just wrong!

What part, you ask?

Okay, here is where you’re going to disagree with me…On all counts, for me.
Not sure if it was the same for the female DJ.

But come on, to think of your ex(es) on a DAILY basis?!
Is not something wrong with that?

I will acknowledge that in my case I may be a bit biased…the thought of my husband thinking of his exes on a DAILY Basis KILLS ME given our history.

Now, I will further confess that I have asked him on various occasions if such and such song or movie (that I know these women liked or saw with him) remind him of them.  His answer – and please all of you face palm with a big Duh to this, K – of course is “NO!”

What else would he say, right?

I know I am naïve in my accepting that answer.  I know that.  But in my foolishness I figured that in having asked on various occasions and with a consistent answer, perhaps there was some truth…

Ah relationships…so much fun!!!

But DAILY?!?!?  That just down right worries me!

Doesn’t it bother you??

Thanks to an article by Tracy Clark-Flory at, titled, fittingly enough, “Defriend Your Exes Now!” I know it is not only me!  A study by Tara C. Marshall, a psychology professor at Brunel University, found that “Facebook surveillance was associated with greater current distress over the breakup, more negative feelings, sexual desire, and longing for the ex-partner, and lower personal growth.”


Okay, I do have issues…granted…but still!!!


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