Prayer for a Married Couple

On this day that we are “Forced” to remember and celebrate Love, I wanted to share with you a Beautiful Prayer from…

Wait for it…

Yes, you got it…




A Prayer for a Married Couple

O God our Father, we thank you
for blessing our union in Marriage.
Deepen and Strengthen
our Love for each other
day by day.

Help us to be thankful
for the distinctive qualities
of our personalities, as well as
our similar interests.

Enable us to Forgive
when we hurt each other.
Make and keep us
sound in body,
alert in mind,
tender in heart,
devout in spirit.

As we grow in intimacy with one another,
grant us a clearer awareness
of your life-giving presence
in our life.

Enable us to serve you and those about us
so that we may always stand before you
in peace and joy,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

† Amen †

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