Don’t Place It on Patient…

Faith is such a fragile thing…


We “know” that our Faith should not be placed on Humankind…that our Faith should be in Him and Him alone, and yet, we all meet those people that Increase our Faith! Not just in Him, but in His Creation!

How disastrous when a Human Being fails!

We quickly lose hope.

And if that person is involved with the Church…Aw Heck, we go on a Bashing Spree!!

The “See!! The Church is Corrupt!  It is filled with Hypocrites!” and any variation thereof…

HOWEVER…if you’re as fortunate, as Blessed as I and have someone beside you that Lovingly, yet Sternly reminds you that the Church is a Hospital!! It is filled with PATIENTS!!  NOT Doctors!  There is Only ONE Physician, Our Lord.

And though some may appear to be Doctors, they are not. They too are Patients in the Hospital, and just because perhaps they are there more often, or have knowledge of cures, this does NOT make them Doctors!

Knowing this then, why do we immediately judge the Hospital and its Physician on Patients??

Because we can…

Because it’s easy…

Because then we have a “reason” to Not Go and See and Consult The Physician…

Point is…though the Patients may appear to be Healed.
Though they may appear to be much better than I and may even offer advice…
Remember…they are NOT Doctors!  Do not place your Faith in or on them, or else, like me, your Faith may falter…

If Only our Faith were the size of a Mustard Seed…
Matthew 17:20


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