It’s Never Too Late


Turn Around


“I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God

over one sinner who repents”


~ Luke 15:10


I know all too well that when one has “missed the mark” aka sinned…it feels like a downward spiral.

If you’re lying, you’re creating more lies to cover the one that you began with.

If you’ve done “it” once, you feel and are made to to feel that you already did it! So you can’t stop and so “no” now.

If you’ve been unfaithful in “little” ways, like conversations, texts, emails, lunches, etc. you try and justify them and feel like “Hey, I’ve come this far and not done anything, what’s one meeting or kiss or….”

If you’ve been unfaithful to your Spouse in “bigger” ways, there’s that sense of entitlement, justification…”I Deserve it. I don’t get it at home. I work so hard. She/He doesn’t understand/appreciate me.”  and oh so many more. But to just stop…HOW?  You can’t.  You’ve done so much, come too far…

If you haven’t been taking advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and you feel that it’s too much to remember, or that there is no use, no “fix” no Forgiveness for you…You’re Beautifully and Horribly Wrong!

Beautifully because it’s never too much or too late.
Horribly, because the burden, the pain, the shame are so heavy to carry…leave them! Give them to Him!

Whatever you’re struggling with…pornography, deceit, apathy, whatever!!


Believe me, I know it’s hard! DAMN HARD!! But we don’t have to go it alone.  In fact, I don’t believe we CAN…we need His Strength, His Support, His Resolve and Prayer…

You are Not Alone ♥

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