Obey First, Feelings Next…Who Knew?

From the Peaceful Wife Blog…

We want feelings to come first – then we think we might be willing to obey God after we have the feelings we want.

But God requires us to put our trust in Him first. And He requires us to obey Him first. THEN the feelings will come. Sometimes – the feelings of peace, joy and fulfillment come within minutes of obeying God. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months or years. Sometimes our reward for our obedience will not be seen until heaven.

This is true in practically everything God asks us to do. But you can see it clearly in a marriage relationship.

We wives want to see our husbands love us first and we want to feel loved before we obey God and respect our husbands and honor their leadership. But the way God works is that when we obey His commands, the feelings of love eventually come (most of the time).

If I make my feelings the biggest thing – more important than my obedience to Christ – I am dealing with an idol. That is exactly what I used to do.

When I feel disappointed in my husband or in anyone – it is a good time to check to see if I am putting something before Christ in my heart and tear it all out by the root and center my worship, my focus, my purpose, my faith, my hope, my joy, my identity and my entire being on Christ alone.

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