Some Consolation When It Is 3 AM…

You know that frustration at 3 in the morning when you’re dead tired and the baby doesn’t seem to “understand” that??

You carry the baby, soothe, sing, dance around…the baby falls asleep and the second you put the baby down…


Well, here is a BIT of consolation…

A New Study shows that this is a Universal Phenomenon.

To read the entire article on this study – it’s not too long, don’t fret – click HERE.

Now, if you just want the gist of it, here is the Conclusion:

Oh yeah…Spoiler Alert ๐Ÿ˜‰


The researchers believe that these findings could have broad implications for parenting and contribute to preventing child abuse. โ€œThis infant response reduces the maternal burden of carrying and is beneficial for both the mother and the infant,” explains Kuroda. She goes on to say, โ€œSuch proper understanding of infants would reduce frustration of parents and be beneficial, because unsoothable crying is a major risk factor for child abuse.โ€

“A scientific understanding of this infant response will save parents from misreading the restart of crying as the intention of the infant to control the parents, as some parenting theoriesโ€”such as the ‘cry it out’ type of strategyโ€”suggest,” Kuroda says. “Rather, this phenomenon should be interpreted as a natural consequence of the infant sensorimotor systems.” If parents understand that properly, perhaps they will be less frustrated by the crying, Kuroda says. And that puts those children at lower risk of abuse.

The authors conclude that, โ€œAlthough our study was done on mothers, we believe that this is not specific to moms and can be used by any primary caregiver.โ€