Censorship In Arizona

Sandra Cisneros has shared THIS very disturbing link.
I now share it with you.

Please do not stand idly by. Raise your voice against this obvious racist gesture.

Throughout history we have needed scapegoats. Today it is the Mexicano, tomorrow it could be you.

Literature is Beauty and Knowledge. It is via coming-of-age stories and other works of art that one becomes hooked, that one falls in love with the written word, that one thirsts for knowledge.
Some believe that it is precisely because if this that these books have been banned.

If you would like a quick and enjoyable read, pick up Cisneros’ The House On Mango Street. It is a coming-of-age collection of vignettes.
After reading it, you judge if it is a subversive read or promotes the overthrow of government in any way (preposterous claims!!!).

Waiting to read from you,
A Truly Appalled and Disappointed American. Yes, Mexican-American.

God Bless.

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